Saturday, April 5, 2008

Casting for the right fishing rods


Rods are an essential piece of the puzzle whether you're fly fishing, surf fishing, or deep-sea trolling. It's almost as if the fish can sense the quality of your rod even with the feet of water between you and him. Why bother getting reeled in by this piece of junk, they might say.

Seriously, the right rod has a serious impact on your skills. For instance, with flying , a proper rod can directly affect how well you cast. The wrong rod could leave you well wide of your wanted mark, whereas a high caliber rod can put you precisely where you want to be.

Plus, high quality fishing rods are also much more dependable than junkers. You may be able to pick up a rod on the cheap and save a few bucks, but imagine the feeling when that rod falls apart at the wrong moment. Say, you are finally on that vacation with your buddies to Minnesota, pull out on one of those beautiful one thousand lakes, when you're rod snaps apart in your hands. That's not a pretty picture to say the least.

Now that you're sure you need a quality rod, here are some of the telltale signs that you should look for. Check out the make and composition of your rod. Today's strongest and lightest models come with graphite composition or other alloys. Examine the cork, too. It should not require any tape or extra glue to fit to blank. The guides should be of a strong durable metal and perhaps even coated with some sort of rust protectant.

With these qualities in mind among others, do a thorough job with your research. Put as much effort into finding the right fishing rods as you would investing in the best set of golf clubs.

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