Thursday, August 14, 2008

Key Fly Fishing Tips For Beginners (Lesson 1)

In my Key Fly Fishing Tips for beginners series I want all that read it to understand that not only is fly fishing one of the most popular sports around but also one of the most fun and relaxing as well. I am really trying to cater to the beginners here. I know that learning to fly fish can be a bit tough but I’m hoping my experience can help all the newbie’s who are interested in the great sport of fly fishing.

1. Casting

The first key fly fishing tip is casting. How to fly cast is probably one of the most important things you need to master in your fly fishing journey. How to fly cast takes practice and patience and will definitely make the difference in becoming successful or just downright perturbed with your fly fishing.

I learned to cast on the outside of my barn in the far pasture. I painted numbers on the side as fly fish strike indicators and spent hours aiming at the different numbers. By doing this you will learn how to fly cast ever so more precisely and efficiently. So fly fishing tip one is casting and the importance. I spent hours learning how to fly cast but even if you spent a few minutes a day your skill level will greatly increase.

I don’t want to scare anyone by telling them that without learning to fly cast you won’t be able to catch fish. I’m just saying that I guarantee you will catch more fish if you follow my key fly fishing tips. So don’t do all your fishing behind the barn. Just use some spare time and practice the techniques.

Watch for the next article on my series on Key Fly Fishing Tips for Beginners. It will get more exciting and get you to the pond quicker than you think.

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